Welcome To Our Ranch

Raising registered texas longhorns in carrollton, georgia

Our journey began with purchasing some unregistered cows from the local sale barn, and over time, we became captivated by the longhorn breed. This passion led us to transition into breeding registered longhorns, immersing ourselves in the fascinating world of longhorn breeding. Although we have only been breeding for three years, our rapid learning curve and the friendships we've formed along the way have been invaluable.

What we enjoy most about our longhorns is their calm demeanor, vibrant colors, and diverse horn sets. Living outside a major farming community, having these unique animals in our pastures is a distinct pleasure. From the outset, we've preferred big, fleshy females that are conformationally correct and exhibit a feminine appearance, knowing their role in our breeding program. We also love tall, robust bulls and have enjoyed selecting bulls that will elevate our breeding standards, particularly in the Southeast. Our simple yet profound goal is to have pastures filled with longhorns we have bred that not only meet our aesthetic preferences but also function as true longhorns should.